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Commercials, Commercials, and More Commercials!!

I Love TV Commercials is a collection of your favorite TV commercials from the 1970's and 1980's. They take you back to a much simpler time when as a child you were planted in front of the TV set waiting for your favorite cartoon or sitcom to return from a commercial break. It is my love of that nostalgic feeling that prompted me to create this site. I hope you have as much fun as I did reliving those memories as you browse the hundreds of TV Commercials throughout the site. Happy watching!

Tip: If the clips are not playing smoothly, remember you can pause the video, wait for it to completely load and then resume viewing.

Coke (1988)

155 Views0 Comments

Can't beat the feeling!

Play-Doh Fun Factory (80′s)

190 Views0 Comments

I made spaghetti!

Wrangler Jeans (1981)

141 Views0 Comments

When he says jeans, he means Wrangler.

Mountain Dew (1984)

363 Views0 Comments

Dew it to it!

Crisco Oil (1986)

95 Views0 Comments

Crisco will do you proud every time!

Bain de Soleil Suntan Lotion (1987)

529 Views0 Comments

Bain de Soleil for that San Tropez tan!

Fruit Roll-Ups (1981)

120 Views0 Comments

Real fruit and fun rolled up in one.

Butter (1985)

104 Views0 Comments

Give 'em all a little pat of butter!

Snoopy Ice Hockey Toy (1971)

453 Views0 Comments

Some kind of hockey player that Snoopy is!

Fruit Brute Cereal (70′s)

181 Views0 Comments

With a howling great taste of fruit!

Increda Bubble Gum (70′s)

300 Views0 Comments

It pops inside your mouth.

Cracker Jack (70′s)

92 Views0 Comments

Really good.

Taco Bell (1979)

112 Views0 Comments

The fresh food place.

McDonald’s (1971)

109 Views0 Comments

You deserve a break today, so get up and get away to McDonald's!

McDonald’s (1972)

91 Views0 Comments

You deserve a break today at McDonald's!

Folger’s Coffee (70′s)

85 Views0 Comments

Mountain grown flavor!

Newest Videos

Dancerella Doll (1977)

484 Views0 Comments

The only doll that dances when her crown is held!

Fisher Price Toys (1978)

856 Views0 Comments

Children are still children and Fisher-Price is still Fisher-Price.

Inchworm (1973)

1.44K Views0 Comments

You're my friend, Inchworm!

Lite Brite (1970)

648 Views0 Comments

Light Brite. Making things with light!

Magical Musical Thing (1979)

403 Views0 Comments

You're weird!

Love ‘n Touch Baby (1979)

397 Views0 Comments

Your child will feel like a real mother.

Kenner Finger Pops (1979)

433 Views0 Comments

Pop go the Finger Pops!

Flingers (1979)

573 Views0 Comments

It's fun to fling a Flinger!

Big Wheel Mini Sweetheart Cycle (1979)

503 Views0 Comments

with toot-toot horn!

Charlie’s Angels Dolls (70′s)

612 Views0 Comments

Your assignment? Get back the gold!

Charlie’s Angels Hideaway Toy (70′s)

404 Views0 Comments

Angels, I have an assignment for you!

Don’t Tip the Waiter Game (70′s)

776 Views0 Comments

If you tip the waiter, you must pay the waiter!

Evel Knievel Bicycles (70′s)

2.10K Views0 Comments

Wheel Goods

Frisbee (70′s)

518 Views0 Comments

Pick up on the fun and freedom.

Gnip Gnop Game (70′s)

456 Views0 Comments

Gnip down to the store before they're all gnopped!

Great Gassers (70′s)

465 Views0 Comments

Go get'em!

Most Viewed

Extra Gum (1986)

11.38K Views0 Comments

Extra lasts extra long.

McDonald’s (1989)

7.05K Views0 Comments

Barbie: Barbie Loves McDonald’s Playset (1982)

6.92K Views0 Comments

Shakes for two!

Crunch Berries Cereal (1989)

6.41K Views0 Comments

Berry sweet!

McDonald’s (1987)

5.32K Views0 Comments

Windsong Perfume (70′s)

2.42K Views0 Comments

I can't seem to forget you... Your Windsong stays on my mind.

Evel Knievel Bicycles (70′s)

2.10K Views0 Comments

Wheel Goods

Pond’s Cream & Cocoa Butter Lotion (1978)

1.95K Views0 Comments

For softer, younger-looking hands.

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